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Benzyl Alcohol

CAS # : 100-51-6
HS Code : 2906.21.00
EINCS : 202-859-9


Epoxy resin coatings
Benzyl alcohol is used as a solvent for making epoxy resin coatings.

General solvent
Benzyl alcohol is used as a general solvent for inks, paints and lacquers.

Flavour and Fragrance Industry
Benzyl Alcohol is also a precursor to a variety of esters, used in the soap, perfume, and flavour industries.

Technical Data

Appearance: Clear liquid
Odour: Faint aromatic odor
Solubility: 1g/25ml water @ 17°C
Specific Gravity: 1.05 @ 20°C/4°C
Volatile by volume: 100% @ 21°C (70°F)
Melting point: -15°C (5°F)
Boiling point: 205°C (401°F)
Vapor density: 3.72 (Air=1)
Vapor pressure: 0.15 @ 25°C (77°F)
Evaporation Rate: 1.8 (Ether=1)
Flash point: 93°C (199°F)
Autoignition Temp: 436°C (817°F)