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Board of Directors

Ashok Mandalia

Mr. Ashok Mandalia is the Managing Director of HJ Arochem Pvt. Ltd. He has a full-time role with a special emphasis on management and strategic direction of the company. Born in a modest family in Rajkot in 1958, he studied law and started his career as a jeweller but later diversified into the chemical industry. He made HJ Arochem Pvt. Ltd. a global example in qualitative business practices to become one of the few companies in the sector to follow all the international norms of Chemical Industry. Under his guidance, HJ Arochem’s new business initiatives have taken shape through corporate strategies that not only have increased the shareholders’ value, but have also added considerably to the development of the company’s brand name in India and abroad.

Jitendra Mandalia

Mr. Jitendra Mandalia currently serves as the Director of HJ Arochem Pvt. Ltd. He holds the responsibility of overlooking the entire plant operations. Mr. Mandalia is credited with the profitable turnaround of HJ Arochem Pvt. Ltd. since the last decade. He has lead the growth involving improved production, resource efficiencies and supply chain planning. Under his leadership, the company has diversified into sourcing and trading of other chemical products. He has also successfully implemented a number of 'Community Development' Projects for sustainability and liveability.

Amit Mandalia

As the VP, Finance, Mr. Amit Mandalia leads the service platform, including corporate purchasing, taxes, information systems, supply chain, health and safety. His tenure with HJ Arochem Pvt. Ltd. has given him exposure on many other matters of finance, including accounting, auditing and general financial management. A commercially strong individual, Mr. Mandalia has a very positive business acumen and expertise in planning and operations. He has played a key role in the company’s operations and contract negotiations with domestic and international clientele. His organisational skills have helped him to be considered as a profit-driven leader who is capable of aligning different teams to exceed expectations in dynamic and demanding marketplace.

Satish Rajpara

Mr. Satish Rajpara currently serves as the Technical Director for the entire manufacturing systems. As a Mechanical Engineer with diverse industry experience, including with TATA Chemicals, he works to enhance operations and supply chain efficiency through the design and implementation of better systems. He’s been instrumental in developing the product line for H J Arochem (P) Ltd. In addition, he has introduced and successfully implemented the pioneering manufacturing processes. He constantly works on the ways to make the plant more efficient.