Our Product

Diphenyl Oxide

(CAS NO 101 -84 -8)

HJ Arochem Private Limited is the biggest manufacturer of Diphenyl oxide in India. Our installed plant has a capacity of over 6,000 MT per annum. We ensure that our product is highly competitive in cost and best in quality.

General Product Specification
of Diphenyl Oxide

Color Appearance : Colorless Liquid or Crystals
Odour : Geranium Like Odour
Crystallistion Point : 26.7o C
Assay (% by Mass) : 99.8% Min.
Total Phenol Contents : 0.015% Max.

Packaging of Diphenyl Oxide

HDPE Carboy (35 KG Net)
UN Approved HDPE Drums (220 KG Net)
MS Drums (220 KG Net)
UN Approved GI Drums (220 KG Net)
ISO Tanks (24 MT Net)

Characteristics Data

Chemical Nomenclature : (C6H5)20
Code (HJ Arochem) : DPO
HS Number : 2909.30.20
Molecular Weight : 170.22
Boiling point : 257o C
Specific Gravity @ 25o C : 1.070
Pound Per Gallon @ 25o C : 8.92
Refractive Index @ 25o C : 1.578
Freezy Point : 26.7o C
Flash Point (COC) : 115o C / 239o F
Fire Point : 125.5o C / 258o F
Auto Ignition Point : 618o C / 1144o F
Latent Heat of Veporization : 11,800 Calorie per Mole @ B.P.
DPO in Water @ 25o C : 20.8 PPM
Water in DPO @ 25o C : 0.071%

Application of Diphenyl Oxide

Fragrance Industry

Because of its odour reminiscent of scented geranium, as well as its stability and low price, diphenyl ether is used in large quantities in soaps, detergents & incense sticks. It is also used in many perfumes and has other perfumery applications.

Heat Transfer Medium

DPO when blended with Biphenyl produces Thermic Fluid, which is widely used as high temperature heat transfer media. Such a mixture is well-suited for heat transfer applications because of the relatively large temperature range of its liquid state.

Blowing Agent

DPO is used in the manufacturing of blowing agents for rubber.

Fire Retardant

DPO on bromination gives Deca Bromo Diphenyl oxide, which is widely used in the plastics industry as a fire retardant.

Lubricants & Industrial Surfactants

Used in the manufacturing of high – temperature lubricants & industrial surfactants. In specialty surfactants which finds application in textiles, mining, petroleums, agriculture etc.

Flavour Industry

Due to its rosy, floral, geranium-like flavour it is used as a flavour for vegetable, yellow fruit, tropical fruit and other sweet flavours ingredients.

Solvent for Drugs

DPO can be used as a high boiling reaction solvent in the manufacturing of drugs like Chloroquine Phosphate (anti- malarial drug), Norfloxacin, Perfloxacin, Ciprofloxacin (broad spectrum antibiotics) etc.

Other Industry

Heat – transfer medium resins for laminated electrical insulation, chemical intermediate for such reactions as halogenations, Acylation, Alkylation etc.