Quality First and Customer Supreme

Residing within the manufacturing facility is an innovative R&D Center that comprises of the most brilliant minds in the chemical industry. To stay up-to-the-minute with evolving markets, we house the facility with the latest technology. By continually inventing and re-inventing our offerings, we provide clients with custom solutions and technical expertise suited to their needs.

Even when delivering a technically superior product at low investment cost, the quality of our offerings remains uncompromised.

The globally recognized ISO 9001 testifies our commitment to quality in every stage of the process. The certification underscores the unswerving endeavor of HJ Arochem Pvt. Ltd. to maintain excellence in our manufacturing and customer service. The standards ISO 9001:2015 rules strictly govern our Quality Management System (QMS) to declare that we:

  • Manufacture the chemical products that our clients require to match their quality standards and deliver them as per order commitment
  • Take appropriate measures to resolve any grievance that our clients may have with our product(s)
  • Have established systems and processes so that clients can confidently rely on the same standards of products and customer service
  • Carry regular reviews of all the systems and processes to assess and execute improvements in them
  • Being one of the few DPO plants holding an ISO certification in the market, we routinely research on ways for perpetual improvement of our Quality Management System while individually aiming to intensify the value of our performance.

Quality Certification

Quality control and certification play a crucial role in formulating a flourishing business. The execution and practice of reliable methods ensure little or no wastage and the best possible productivity of operations. Maintaining stringent quality standards has encouraged us to create a reputation of trust and stability for our patrons. With fastened SOPs compliant to international standards, H J Arochem is able to perform as promised, certified quality.(List of Certifications to be added)

Accurate Analysis Testing

The efficiency and exactness of determining material composition remain a crucial element of assuring customer satisfaction. Chromatographic Analysis through multiple techniques such as Mass Spectrometry (MS) empowers us to examine the chemical as well as physical parameters essential to maintain the quality of our product offerings.

Documentation Management

Relevant data and precise documentation is an absolute necessity for decision-makers to be able to make the right choice before they give a verdict. Whether the documentation is for a customer or for a project concerning the company - our optimized and meticulous document management methods allow seamless access to data for all team members involved. With data always accessible, the team is able to assure that all facts are checked and analysis is efficiently accomplished within the pre-set timelines. The documentation management also allows the team as well as our customers to access safety data sheets (MSDS), Specifications Sheet, Certificate of Analysis, and other relevant details associated with our products.

Samples Control

An indispensable part of our Quality Control operating procedure is to maintain standardized samples from our sources so that we can deliver products effectively and at par with the precise requirements of our customers.