Who We Are

‘HJ Group’
has more than a
100 year-old legacy

Established in the year 2001, HJ Arochem is a privately-owned company. ‘HJ Group’ has more than a 100 year-old legacy nurtured and led by the family over the years, ensuring consistent commitment and irrevocable resilience. Through strategic tie-ups with multinational companies like Lanxess Germany, the company has expanded its Indian roots to the competitive global marketplace.

Leading Manufacturer of Diphenyl Oxide
Supplier on the Small-Medium scale

The manufacturing facility of HJ Arochem is strategically located within the industrial hub of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The set up not only ensures easy, fast and secure procurement of raw materials but also enables on-time delivery of our products. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and stringent quality control measures, our manufacturing adaptability has been a driving force in making us the Leading Manufacturer of Diphenyl Oxide on a global scale. Today, we possess the capacity of around 6000 MT per annum and endeavor to elevate it further. We not only specialize in the production of Diphenyl Oxide (DPO) but also assure that quality material is delivered to our domestic as well as international clients in a specific time frame.

At HJ Arochem, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and therefore, commit attainable project completion timelines. Our trained and experienced staff proactively communicates with our customers, ensuring that there is a minimal turnaround time for order deliveries and no lapses in communication.

Core Values

Excellence at Work

We deliver what we promise and believe in continual learning at every step. Every individual is free to explore new ideas according to the highest standards of ethical and responsible conduct. We truly respect diversity in all its forms.

Relationships & Alliances

Nurturing our contacts with a calm attitude that resolves every problem, warm heart that knows how to reach out to people and working hands because we do not mind walking that extra mile.

Environment Sustainability

We believe that the best-quality product is complete only when the manufacturing plant is in complete harmony with the environment, and protects and preserve its intrinsic balance.

Corporate Responsibility

We all share the common responsibility of work that benefits and protects our customers, employees and the local communities. Our corporate responsibility efforts are defined by, and are aligned with all the above-mentioned core values.