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How we add value?

We combine commercial success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through latest technology and optimised processes, we enable our clients to meet their current needs of serving the society.

We manufacture DPO for a sustainable future of surfactants, flame retardants, fragrances, chemical intermediates and heat transfer fluids for the solar industry.

Our Vision

"Quality First and Customer Supreme"

We strive to bring our global clients a quality product at an economical cost, provide them with a strong return on their investment by keeping a low cost of ownership and maintaining a satisfied relationship. We are committed to being a steady supplier of Diphenyl Oxide..

Core Values

  • Excellence at Work: We deliver what we promise and believe in continual learning at every step. Every individual is free to explore new ideas according to the highest standards of ethical and responsible conduct. We truly respect diversity in all its forms.
  • Environment Sustainability: We believe that the best-quality product is complete only when the manufacturing plant is in complete harmony with the environment, and protects and preserve its intrinsic balance.
  • Relationships & Alliances: Nurturing our contacts with a calm attitude that resolves every problem, warm heart that knows how to reach out to people and working hands because we do not mind walking that extra mile.
  • Corporate Responsibility: At HJ Arochem (P) Ltd., we all share the common responsibility of work that benefits and protects our customers, employees and the local communities. Our corporate responsibility efforts are defined by, and are aligned with all the above-mentioned core values.